Dr. Robert Stone was born & raised in southern California. He grew up wanting to be a veterinarian ever since he could remember. He obtained Bachelor’s & Master’s degrees from UCLA in 1972 & 1975, respectively, & worked on staff at UCLA for a fair number of years. He graduated from the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine in 1982. Immediately after graduation from vet school, he spent a number of years practicing emergency medicine at a hospital in northern California. He moved back down to southern California in 1986 & has practiced in Orange County ever since. In 1993 he & his partner, Dr. Tom Saunders, merged their two Dana Point practices together. The two partners have had a lot of fun together ever since! Their practice grew over the intervening years, adding another animal hospital in 2004 & have added extremely competent, caring & warm-hearted associate veterinarians to their practices. Their associate vets were hand-picked for their ability to give their clients & patients the same attention to detail & compassionate care the partners insisted on delivering when they were seeing clients themselves. The two partners retired from clinical practice April of 2017. Whereas they stepped back behind the curtains so to speak, they still own the practices & have no intention of selling them. They continue to enjoy working together & have concentrated their time on fine tuning patient care to insure their clientele receive a superior level of medical care for their beloved pets. Their associate veterinarians & caring, compassionate staff continue Dr. Stone & Saunders’ vision of dedication to being really proactive with the advice they give & continue to deliver the top quality care their patients received before they both retired.

Dr. Stone & his wife are now empty nesters, & focus their time creating adventures together, be it playing a very competitive game of miniature golf, playing gin rummy with a lot of trash talking in the restaurants they go to, attending as many Angels games as possible……GO Angels!…..Dr. Stone & his wife (both ardent fans!) wonder with all the talent the Angels have, why the heck haven’t we won a World Series since 2002? Dr. Stone was lucky enough to be in the stands just above 3rd base for the World Series winning Game 7 at Angels Stadium! They also enjoy riding their bicycles together & holding hands walking along the beaches at Doho & Strands. They have traveled the world extensively & have especially enjoyed doing cycling tours or scuba diving in various countries. He & his wife consider themselves blessed & delight in the successes their daughters achievements with their respective careers & marriages. Dr. Stone’s father, younger brother, his wife & their sons also live in Orange County, so they get to spend a lot of time with family. They also enjoy socializing with Dr. Saunders & his wife when time & everyone’s busy schedules permit. Dr. Stone plays his guitar daily & after many years of studiously trying to improve, still only manages to do a very mediocre job of making fumble-fingered music! Mrs. Stone grows heirloom tomatoes & other yummy veggies in their garden, which she uses to add to Dr. Stone’s ever-expanding waistline with her gourmet recipes!