Dr. Tom Saunders is one of the original founders of Talega Animal Hospital. He has been practicing veterinary medicine in South Orange County exclusively since graduating in 1985 from University of California, David. Focusing on the care of cats and dogs with a special interest in surgery, Dr. Saunders has enjoyed working with people and their pets for 33 years mostly in Dana Point and San Clemente areas. Recently he announced his retirement from clinical practice and does not see appointments but has remained very active administrating hospital duties as co-manager for Talega Animal Hospital and Golden Lantern Animal Hospital. “We have a wonderful, capable veterinary staff to provide excellent medical care for our valued pet patients and I hope to help deliver that superior service by supporting the staff through my management efforts.” Dr Saunders stated. Surrounded by an extended family in Southern California and keeping home with his beloved wife and six children, Dr. Saunders finds time to enjoy biking, skiing, motorsports, and the occasional rest puttering in the garden.