For those day spa enthusiasts we also have a full grooming salon. We have the best groomer Orange County can offer! All pets staying at our salon will receive a bath with our state of the art hydro surge bathing system. While being bathed the system gives your pet a gentle massage. The baths include a general ear cleaning, toe nail trim, & internal anal gland expression. If your pet needs a hair cut as well be sure to book your appointment with our groomer. As soon as your pet’s spa day has concluded, we’ll call you to let you know you can pick up your pampered pet! If you are one of our busy clients and aren’t able to pick up your pet until after work or your kids soccer practice, there is no charge for the stay, but again don’t worry, your pampered pooch will be taken out several times per day to go potty!

  • Medicated Baths

    Medicated baths can help ease many skin conditions in your pet. If he or she suffers from seborrhea (a noncontagious condition that can cause skin to become dry and flaky…