Most of our patients have symptoms of oral disease much earlier than our clients would expect or recognize. Periodontal disease is a progressive health issue that begins as plaque accumulates on your pet's teeth. Just like with humans, this plaque quickly calcifies into tartar. As the tartar begins to spread beneath your pet's gumline, it causes a harmful chain reaction by giving nasty bacteria a place to hide, while progressively destroying the attachment of the teeth to the jawbone. As the structures supporting the teeth are progressively destroyed, harmful bacteria & bacterial toxins spread through your pet's bloodstream. This process causes higher incidences of organ disease & eventual failure. Most of our patient's heart murmurs are caused by periodontal disease destroying the valve leaflets of the heart. Pets with periodontal disease often live with a painful mouth & never show obvious signs of it until that destruction has really advanced. Because the onset is usually gradual, periodontal disease is a problem that’s often overlooked by our clients. By performing routine professional cleaning, we will make sure your pet has as healthy a mouth as possible, & lives a longer, healthier life. We strongly recommend routine dental cleaning & oral X-rays under general anesthesia at least once a year. Some pets require a more aggressive cleaning schedule, often depending on you pet’s breed & mouth conformation. We offer non-anesthetic dental cleaning as a way to maintain the cleaning we do under anesthesia. The timing between cleanings really depends on how fast your pet accumulates tartar. We recommend your pet’s teeth be cleaned whenever you see visible tartar, redness or swelling of the gums, or smell bad breath from your pet.They shouldn’t have stinky dog or cat breath!


Vaccines are divided into two basic groups: Core vaccinations and Non-core vaccinations. Core vaccinations are recommended for every pet, regardless of their lifestyle. Non-core vaccinations are recommended based on your pet's lifestyle & potential for exposure to certain diseases. For example, if your dog spends time in areas where ticks & rattlesnakes are prevalent, Lyme’s Disease & Rattlesnake Venom Vaccines are strongly recommended. It’s much easier (& usually much less expensive) to prevent or lessen the severity of lifestyle diseases than it is to diagnose & treat them. We will take the time to understand your dog or cat's unique needs and recommend the best vaccines to keep them healthy and happy.

Parasite Control

Parasites try to attack you pet internally & externally. Fleas, ticks, intestinal worms, nonworm intestinal organisms & blood-borne heartworms aren't just a nuisance. They can cause disease in pets & in people, too. Fortunately, with the right laboratory testing, medical protocols & products we can make sure to keep your pet & your household parasite free. We will examine & test your pet for the telltale signs of parasites & can educate you on the proper brands of medications to use for parasite prevention.


The surgical team at Talega Animal Hospital is exceptionally talented. We take great pride in setting high standards in surgical care. We can perform routine to complex surgical procedures. Your pet's safety is extremely important to us. We will recommend the most prudent diagnostics prior to a surgical procedure to lessen the risk factors associated with anesthesia. Pet owners drive from miles around to have our team render medical care. If your pet needs surgical care, please make an appointment with our doctors to discuss your pet's options. Unless it’s an emergency surgery, for the protection of your pet & all our other patients, we require all our patients to be fully vaccinated in order to stay in our hospital for his or her surgery.

Examinations & Labwork

The single most important thing a pet owner can do to maintain their pet's quality of life while maximizing their lifespan is to have routine physical exams & lab work performed by an expert team of medical professionals. Routine physical exams & wellness labwork allow us to establish a baseline for each patient. We carefully examine each of your pet's major biological systems. This way, we can quickly notice if something is different or goes awry. The symptoms of health problems are typically subtle at first, then gradually progress until they reach an advanced stage. Routine physical examinations & laboratory testing help to catch these issues much earlier, when they are much easier to treat. Preventive care can help your pet live a longer and happier life by your side.

Microchip Pet Identification

Microchipping your pet is the absolute best way to help return your beloved pet to you if they become lost or separated from you. We implant a sterile, nonreactive microchip under the skin over the shoulderblades which can be read by a scanner which most animal hospitals & shelters use for identifying lost pets. We proudly use HomeAgain microchips. Once registered with HomeAgain, your pet’s identification & your contact information will be accessible to veterinarians & shelters worldwide. Please be sure to keep the company aware of any change in your address, phone number or other contact information. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have about this wonderful product.

Professional Grooming

We love for our patients to look & smell their best! We are pleased to offer the services of a master groomer for your convenience. The staff is happy to help answer any questions you may have about this wonderful service. As with our other elective services, for your pet’s & our other patient’s safety, we require your pet to be fully vaccinated to stay in our hospital while these services are performed.

Includes bath, nail trim/file/grind, ear cleaning, ear plucking (on request) & anal gland expression.

Small (0-20 lbs): Starting @ $65
Medium (21-45 lbs): Starting @ $75
Large (46-65 lbs): Starting @ $85
Giant (66+ lbs): Starting @ $100

Grooming Special: Save 5% on each prebooked appointment within 6 weeks!



We love for our patients to look & smell their best! We have a dedicated staff who work diligently to keep your pet clean & looking their best. Our doctors may also recommend a series of medicated bathing to treat your pet’s illnesses. As with our other elective & medical services, for your pet’s & our other patient’s safety, we require your pet to be fully vaccinated to stay in our hospital while these services are performed.

Includes bath, nail trim, ear cleaning, ear plucking (on request), anal gland expression, & blow out

Mini (0-19 lbs): $45
Small (20-49 lbs): $55
Medium (50-79 lbs): $65
Large (80-99 lbs): $75
Giant (100+ lbs): $85

Bathing Special: Save 20% on Thursdays!



We know there will be times when you need to leave your beloved pet behind when you travel, need them out of the house for special occasions, or cannot care for them yourself for a short time. We have separate facilities for dogs & cats along with a wonderful staff to pamper them while you can’t be there to do so yourself. As with our other elective services, for your pet’s & our other patient’s safety, we require your pet to be fully vaccinated to stay at our hospital while boarding with us.


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Preventative Care

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